DIY Flower Crowns

Let’s make flower crowns!!!

You’ll need some fake flowers, some wire (this is florist’s wire, but you can use anything), ribbon and perhaps a glue gun


grab a piece of wire and make a general rounded shape (you can use the shape of your head as a guide)

with your fingers (or some pliers if you have a thicker wire) bend back the wire into a loop, and twist the wire around itself


so now your crown should look something like this

the flowers I’ve bought are attached to two wires. most fake flowers won’t be, so you may need to pop off the flower from the stem and hot glue some of your wire into the flower (there’ll often be a little hole from the original stem as shown below)


line up your flowers on your wire to give a bit of an indication of how it might all fit together.


if you have a focus flower, like I do, wire it on first

so that it looks something like this ^^^

IMG_7830 2 IMG_7838 2
after you’ve put all your flowers on, grab two lengths of ribbon (I’ve chosen cream).

IMG_7864 2
and tie them on to your pre-made loops.

IMG_7874 2

 The final product!!!

IMG_8464 2IMG_8469  IMG_8442 IMG_8451  IMG_8478

Let me know if you have a bash – I’d love to see!

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