DIY Bon-bons!

Bon-bons! A cute way to add a personal flair to your Chrissie table with this quick and easy table deco.IMG_8509 2

What you’ll need:


Crackers – I got a pack of 10 at riot for $2
Toilet paper rolls – you can buy these in a pack with the crackers at
Spotlight but I just saved ours up!
Wrapping paper – I got this pack of three from Typo for $15 but I
suggest you go with the thinnest paper available ’cause it was a little hard to rip!IMG_8493 2

You’ll also need things to fill your bon-bons with. This time I’m using a bell (10 pack of red, gold, silver $2 for The Reject Shop) a Ferrero Rocher and some tea-light candles. If you’re keen for more ideas to put in your bons stay tuned for a list at the end of other things I’ve used.

IMG_8504 2

You’ll also need a pair of scissors, sticky tape, and some ribbon/sting/twine to tie the ends.


First up place some sticky tape in the middle of your cracker to help secure it.


Then place it inside your toilet paper roll and press down the tape.

IMG_8498 2

Put your goodies in then wrap with paper. I cut mine a little longer than the length of the cracker to allow for bunching around the end of the role.

IMG_8501 2

IMG_8502 2

Secure with tape. Now comes the part where your neat, carefully constructed bon-bon is destroyed with crushing as you bend and crunch the paper around the ends of the toilet paper roll.


Then secure with  your ribbon of choice!

I wrapped the girl’s bon-bons in spots and the guy’s in chevron, I also replaced the candles with Santa choccys for the guys.


I tend to put a decoration, a chocolate and small gift in bon-bons. I’ve also put in bible verses, (good) jokes, recipes and fun facts as the paper product.

This year I’ve decided to do all the girls the same, and all the guys the same. Previously I’ve made individual crackers with gifts and fun facts tailored to the person – good fun but a bit of work!

I generally put a bit of pressure on myself with these things, but usually bon-bons contain pretty underwhelming treats so just remember that it’s really not a tough act to follow.


For everyone:
Chocolate Liqueurs
Chocolate Santas
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls
Key rings
Candy canes
Guitar Picks
Pet toy
Stationary (highlighters, pens, mini-post-its)

For Men:
Bottle openers
Shot glasses
Mini screwdriver
Mini deck of cards
Pocket Knife
Ear phones
Mini torch/keyring

For Women:
Cheap Jewellery (Equip etc. or tacky-but-fun Christmas light-up necklaces/earings)
Nail polish
Lip balm
Hair clips
Bobby pins/hair ties
Mini cupcake cases
Mini cookie cutter

For kids:
Wrapped lollies
Bouncy balls
Toy cars
Plastic jewellery
Grocery and party stores also have a selection of lolly-bag toys that I tend to raid for bon-bons

Would love to see your bons and hear your ideas for goodies to put inside!

Note: I have to give credit to James for helping me to think of ideas, however he started with “bottle openers” and “recipes” and he ended up on the floor covered in a pink sarong with my laptop charger on his face suggesting “laundry powder”, “a mouse” “chicken salt sachets” and “as many pizza shapes as you can stuff in there”.

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